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All of our services are designed to give you the best possible tools for benefiting from fractionalising your development. Each is bespoke to you, with services available as a package or individually.

Our mentoring services range from pre-scheme analysis to on-going guidance throughout set-up and delivery. We carry out a full and candid analysis of the development and its surroundings, ascertain if there are any legal restrictions and only recommend that you proceed with a fractionalised scheme if we are completely satisfied that it is viable.

Once you've decided to go ahead we'll suggest options for structuring the scheme and work with you to develop a sound business plan. We can also provide on-going support to ensure that you have professional input and advice at every step.


Branding and marketing
The right branding and marketing are crucial to a successful fractional scheme. We'll design dynamic branding based on location and your target market, and devise and implement initiate a range of compelling off and online marketing, advertising and PR campaigns. We can also plan, promote and run launch events, open weekends or exhibitions to enhance exposure to potential buyers.

Sales training
We provide full training for your on-site or call centre-based sales team as well as induction training for your management team and senior personnel.

Sales team training is detailed and comprehensive, and ranges from strategy and presentations skills to sales documentation. We work on a one-to-one basis with team members as well as with groups, with training ensuring thorough knowledge of the concept as well as specialised high-yielding sales skills.

Lead generation
We can engage a dedicated team that will generate hot leads for your sales staff or we can link your development into our established worldwide network.

Legal platform
We provide a complete suite of legal sales documentation bespoke to your company and your development. All documentation is fully approved and wholly compliant with local and national law.

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